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Here at Creative Products we try to see products with a fresh pair of eyes and our aim is to supply products that offer intelligent solutions for tackling everyday tasks, products that have a wide appeal, products that are strong in design with simple, clean packaging.

We bring products to life, isn’t it time you took a stand!

It’s hard to resist media these days. Television, smart phones and tablets absorb and engage almost every one of us. This is why Creative Products instore TV advertising works so well. Our instore screens and display stands engage with customers, stopping them in their tracks. Our product films are carefully crafted to quickly establish the products key selling points bringing the product to life for the consumer.

We offer a Creative solution

Most suppliers will sell you stock. Then it’s up to you, the risk is yours. If sales are poor you sit on stock and then have to discount it out to help cash flow. As a promotions company, we like to focus on one product at a time on our displays, although many of our customers have multiple displays in their stores.

This single product focus really generates high volume sales, whereas multiple products dilute the impact. It’s like the old saying, less is more. We will work with you to tailor a promotional programme where we rotate the stock on the displays periodically, from one great selling item to another, giving your customers something new and exciting every few months. But we don’t stop there, all promotional products are supplied on a sale or return basis, which means we take back any old promotional stock and credit you for it! With a team of merchandisers across the whole of the UK and Ireland and a strong back office team, you can be sure of great customer service.

The management team at Creative have over 40 years’ experience of TV promotions between them and our buying team visit all the major world trade shows to ensure the most current trending products are brought to market ahead of the competition. We test each item in the market so everything that makes it in to this catalogue has a strong, proven sales record. From garden centres to gift shops, department stores to DIY shops, all are part of our everexpanding customer base, so why not join them? You really have nothing to lose!

Screen and merchandising options

There are various screen and merchandising options available to you. We can supply 18.5 inch and 32 inch media screens for use on our free-standing displays or alternatively on metre ends or slat-walls. Funky new display stands with vinyl wood effect graphics and can be customised for any retail environment. Our flexible approach means we can find a merchandising solution for even the smallest of space.

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