With over 40 years combined experience working with instore TV promotion the directors Richard and Mark embarked on their Creative Journey in 2009.

The company's business idea, has since the beginning, been to import and sell creative products that make everyday life a little more practical, easy and fun. From humble beginnings Creative Products rapidly became the most innovative instore TV promotion company in the UK.

What makes us Creative is our ability to source the most interesting and exciting products from around the globe and turn them into fast moving consumer goods with mass market appeal, many of which have gone on to win industry awards for innovation.

At Creative we made a definitive early move away from excess plastic in our product packaging and as a result developed our unique nature card branding that is distinctively Creative.

Like great song writers we constantly strive for the next hit record in terms of product sales and at Creative we pride ourselves on delivering maximum sales per square metre. But before we bring any new product into the Creative range, we conduct extensive tests in selected retail stores to ensure that each product delivers what you the retailer needs, and that’s fast-selling repeat sales. Some of these great new lines will go on to become amazing. Some may not make it through this rigorous testing process. But you can be sure that Creative will have the next big thing!

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