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    Thank goodness! A furry friend that's almost indestructible!

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    Play Pets


    Zippy’s favourite toys are anything soft, furry and squeaky. But instead of letting him raid the kids’ toy box, give him something that’s made just for dogs like him.

    Playpets are soft, hard wearing toys for dogs that are completely stuffing free - so even if your dog manages to get it open, they can’t get ill by eating any stuffing.

    These furry little toys are hours of fun, and there’s a squeaker in the head and the tail that will keep your dog amused for ages. 

    Playpets are even machine washable, so if your dog takes its favourite toy out for a walk, you can just pop it in the wash and give it back to them. 

    Zippy might be man’s best friend, but with Playpets, he’s a got a best friend too.


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