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    Massage and groom at the same time!

    In your bag


    Pet Massage & Grooming Mitt


    Rachel stroked Misty who purred contentedly on her lap.  Rachel, however, wasn’t so content as she watched clouds of cat hair swirl round her living room and settle on her clothes, cushions, sofa and carpets.

    ‘If only Misty would let me brush her’, she thought, ‘my house would be a lot less hairy!’ 

    Why don’t you try our ‘Pet Massage and Grooming Mitt’ Rachel?  Your pet gets a massage with the soft, durable mitt - leaving her hair silky smooth - and you’ll be able to rid her of excess hair and dirt that would otherwise end up everywhere.  No brush required.

    ‘Sounds purrrfect,’ said Rachel.  ‘Sorry – couldn’t resist!’

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