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    Doggies Ball - helps keep dogs happy and healthy

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    Doggies Ball


    Hemingway isn’t impressed with his new ball.  It’s just, well – a ball.  It doesn’t squeak or move and when he gives it a good-old chew, it falls to pieces.  The only way to get some fun is to annoy Norman, his human, into throwing the bits around the garden.  Poor Hemingway.  It’s tiring being annoying. 

    But don’t worry Hemingway – we’ve got the answer.  The ingenious Doggies Ball is designed to make a noise whenever it’s moved, engaging all your natural instincts without human intervention.  It features six indented holes, which make it easy for you to pick up and launch around the garden, and is durable so should withstand a well-earned chew. 

    That should help keep you happy and healthy Hemmingway, and it doesn’t even need batteries.  You’d better tell Norman – squeaky balls are so last-week.

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