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    Marvelous! Banish the fur from your fabric!

    In your bag


    Easy Stick Roller


    Adrian likes to think he’s quite the dapper gentleman. Shame his cat disagrees. Every time he goes out it looks like he’s wearing a giant fur coat.

    All Adrian needs to restore himself to fashion glory is an Easy Stick Roller.

    This smart sticky roller is perfectly designed to lift hair, lint, dust and dirt off clothing without damaging the fabric.

    A quick once over with this little roller and you’ll be looking as good as new, and if your roller is losing a little stickiness, just wash under a tap, leave to dry and it's good to go again.

    It’s ideal not just for clothes, but car and furniture upholstery too.

    Someone tell Adrian about the Easy Stick Roller before he takes drastic action and shaves the cat.


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