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    So cute! A flower that dances to your tune!

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    Wiggle Pots


    Liam is definitely not the sort of character you’d expect to have a funky little toy on his desk - he hates cake, he even hates Christmas! But clearly even Liam can’t resist the charm of a Wiggle Pot!

    These fun little pots come in a range of different colours, and whenever the sun shines they start to dance!

    Perfect to brighten up your window sill, desk or table, Wiggle Pots are solar powered and come with a flower, bee, ladybird or frog design.

    It’s definitely not the sort of thing you’d expect Liam to like, but then again, he could just be using them to warn him that the sun’s out…. he’s not fond of that either.

    Wiggle Pots

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