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    Colour-changing sequinned Mermaid Cushion

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    Mermaid Cushion


    ‘If a mermaid had cushion,’ wondered Poppy, ‘what would it look like?’  Well Poppy, wonder no longer because they do exist, just like fairies and unicorns.

    Creative’s Mermaid Cushions have beautiful iridescent sequins that change direction and colour when brushed with your hand or finger, allowing you to create truly magical designs to suit your mood. 

    And they’re not just for mermaids Poppy – no – Mermaid Cushions can be pure adult therapy after a hard day at the office, much like stroking a silky cat, or a fun activity for kids to create their own designs.  So there you go – fun, therapeutic and magical.  What more could you ask for?

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