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    Janet was thinking about going for a run.  Just like she’d been thinking about going to the gym yesterday… and a bike ride the day before that. The only problem was the heat.  She couldn’t stand the heat!

    Don’t despair Janet.  No one needs another reason not to exercise, so we’ve come up with Cool Touch Ice Towel.  Simply wet the towel, squeeze out the excess water, give it a shake and it will drop in temperature to give a cooling, soothing effect. 

    What’s more, whilst wet - it will stay cool for over 2 hours letting you go to the gym, go for a run, take camping, do the gardening, in fact - do anything without the pain of headaches and hot flushes.

    Machine washable and made from non-chemical hypoallergenic materials – Cool Touch Ice Towel is the ultimate exercise buddy.   I think we’ve just solved your problem Janet.

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