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    Smashing! The easy way to clean your paving and decking!

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    Telescopic Paving Brush Set


    Ben’s back is killing him. He’s spent all morning scrubbing and scraping at his driveway trying to battle those weeds - and it’s still a total mess!

    What Ben really needs is the Telescopic Paving Brush Set to make his life easier. 

    This set allows you to change the length of the handle so you’re not left at an awkward angle as you sweep and weed. It includes a wide brush that’s perfect for cleaning paving slabs and decking, and a special thinner brush with a built in scraper is perfectly designed to tackle in between slabs where dirt hides and weeds flourish!

    So someone please tell Ben that his back pain could be a thing of the past - all he needs is the Telescopic Paving Brush Set!


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