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    Yippee! A hose with real soaking power!

    In your bag


    Power Jet


    Lizzie’s hose is rather a disappointment. With its tiny trickle of water it takes ages to complete even the smallest tasks, forget about filling the paddling pool, Lizzie will be lucky to fill a plant pot. 

    Time to blast away the memory of your underwhelming water supply with the Power Jet. 

    This brass hose nozzle really packs a punch. It’s easy to fit to most hose connectors, and gives you up to 45% more water pressure in an instant.

    The Power Jet even helps you save water - up to 45% - and has a variable spray so you can keep control.

    If Lizzie could get her hands on a Power Shot, life would be so much simpler. Although she’d have to get out of the paddling pool at some point. 

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