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    Woop woop! A smear free screen!

    In your bag


    Screen Clean


    I don’t even want to know how Gordon’s car interior got so fogged up. But that tea towel he’s using to clean his windscreen is no good. It’s mostly just smearing the water around, and he can’t even reach into the corners.

    Time for a more effective solution: the Screen Clean.

    The Screen Clean’s microfibre cloth is super absorbent, leaving no beads of moisture or annoying smears on your car’s windscreen. 

    With a long handle and pivoting head, it doesn’t matter how big your windscreen, you can finally get to all of it. No more patches in the corner you’re trying to lean past to look around, you’ve finally go the visibility that you absolutely need.

    The Screen Clean is the easiest way to make sure you’ve got 100% visibility through your car’s windscreen. Just remember, Gordon, if you can see out, others can see in.


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