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    Magno Light


    ‘Elvis!  Come back Elvis!’ The stranger raised his eyebrows and eyed Sam warily.  No, he wasn’t trying to conjure up ‘The King’ - just track down his chocolate lab in the dark.  And yes, the name had seemed a great idea at the time.

    What you need Sam is a ‘Magno Light’ – a compact, wearable, hands-free LED light ideal for walking, cycling, camping, DIY and attaching to dark coloured dogs that disappear in hedgerows.  A strong magnetic powered closure holds the light secure whether its clipped to clothing or attached directly to metal surfaces.

    It’s also handy for kids walking home from school, night-time reading, changing oil in the dark, evening joggers and, for the discerning wearer, comes in three stylish colours so you can accessorize accordingly.


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