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    Auto Wash Stick

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    Auto Wash Stick


    Why is Tony on the driveway in a wetsuit? Either it’s surfing season or he’s trying to wash the car again. 

    Of course his life would be much easier if he’d stop chucking buckets of water at it and took the smart option instead, by getting a Auto Wash Stick.

    With the Auto Wash Stick, you draw soapy water into the handle and it gets slowly released through the cleaning head, giving you clean, soapy water right where you need it.

    No more buckets full of dirty sponges and mucky water, no more sploshing water over the roof because you can’t reach it properly. Suddenly cleaning the car is stress free!

    With an Auto Wash Stick, Tony can clean the car without needing to gear up like a scuba diver. Which is good news for the whole street.

    Product code: Auto Wash Stick C7047 Refill: C7057


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