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    Woop woop! A smear free screen!

    The Screen Clean’s microfibre cloth is super absorbent, leaving no beads of moisture or annoying smears on your car’s windscreen. 

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    Tool Sharp is a multi purpose tool sharpener that brings your garden tools back to life. From secateurs to shears, Tool Sharp can sharpen any bladed tool, and is suitable for right and left handed use.

    The high powered Pro Zoom Light body is made of an impact resistant tough alloy and is also waterproof.  It can withstand extreme temperatures from freezing to boiling

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    The days of disasterous DIY projects are over. Creative Products have a range of clever DIY gadgets to ensure you can always get the job done. Whether you're fixing, fitting, building or clearing out, every DIY project can be quick and easy with a little help from Creative Products.