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    The creative story

    Mark King has always loved to travel

    He's spent his entire life seeking out new experiences, cultures, smells, cuisines, vistas. If it’s different, Mark wants to see it.

    Our whole business was inspired by Mark’s adventures.

    However different our cultures may be around the world, he discovered that we all have similar routines, we face similar problems and we have similar tasks to carry out each day.

    The difference, he observed, is in how we tackle them.

    We have different ways of sharpening, storing, feeding, cleaning, planting. You name it, there’s always a better (or more fun) way of doing it.

    Mark started bringing the best of those ideas back to the UK and now offers those through the Creative Products brand. It really is that simple.

    So Mark (and now his team) still continue to do the thing they love, travelling the world and seeking out the different. You get to buy it all right here.