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    Ta daaah! A strainer that saves space - and more!

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    Pop Up Strainer


    Carl is sick and tired of opening his cupboards and the contents cascading out like a shiny, painful waterfall.

    A few space saving ideas would do Carl the world of good, so it’s odd he’s not heard of the Pop-Up Strainer and Food Cover!

    Colanders and strainers take up a huge amount of space, but this handy Pop-Up strainer folds down to take up no more space than a dinner plate. Genius!

    Not only is it brilliant for straining veg, collecting peelings and washing fruit, it also doubles up as the perfect food cover for your microwave, with clever vents to let out steam whilst protecting the oven from splatter.

    So before Carl breaks another toe when the contents of his cupboard make a break for freedom, someone get him the Pop-Up Strainer.

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