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    Heritage Pans in three great colours

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    Heritage Pans


    Polly loves frying-up some healthy meals but isn’t so keen on the fact that most of her favourite recipes get stuck to the bottom of the pan.  She also isn’t keen on the fact that most pans come in colours that don’t go with her lovely vintage décor.

    Never fear Polly, because Creative’s Heritage Ceramic Frying Pans are just the ticket.  They have a PTFE-free non-stick surface, so no more scrubbing, and a forged alloy base for better heat distribution to give your pan-fried chilli salmon the perfect crust.  They’re also ideal for use on all halogen, electric, gas and ceramic hobs and if that’s not enough, they come in a beautiful selection of heritage colours that won’t cramp your style.

    What’s that Polly?  Do we have something that will stop Dave your husband cramping your style?  Er, sorry Polly – we don’t do heritage ‘Dave’ I’m afraid.

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