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    Amazing! A way too keep food fresh for longer!

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    Fridge Fresh Food Saver


    As Adam opened up the fridge drawer to get a couple of tomatoes out for his sandwich, his hands hit something disgusting. They’d only been there a couple of days, but already the squishy surface of the salad hinted that its best days had passed.

    Of all the food waste British households produce, most of it is fruit, veg and salad that has gone off before we’ve had the chance to eat it. What a waste.

    But you could prolong the life of your fruit and veg easily, with a Fridge Fresh Food Saver. This simple mat is specially constructed to help air circulate around your fresh fruit and veg.

    This circulation helps prolong the freshness of your food by days. It doesn’t change the smell or taste of the food - in fact you probably won’t even know it’s there.

    Shame no-one told Adam about the Fridge Fresh Food Saver before he stuck his hand in a rotten tomato.

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