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    Aqua Flavour Express


    Tracy took a gulp of water and wondered if she could do something to ‘spice it up’ a little.  She liked water but sometimes, it just wasn’t enough. It was, well, a bit boring.  'A bit like my social life' thought Tracy.

    We agree Tracy so we’ve introduced Aqua Flavour Express – the quick and easy way to add flavour to your water.  For a citrus fruit infusion, twist off the base container and squeeze the fruit onto the juicer, or alternatively, just fill the base with diced fruit and maybe a sprig of mint.   Then replace the base, remove the lid and fill the bottle with still or sparkling water and voila! – an exciting fruit infusion, good to go.

    So when you next go to work, head to the gym or have a day out - you can spice up your water as much as you like.  But not your social life Tracy.  For that, maybe try a salsa club.


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