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    How smart! The ultimate 3 in 1 cleaner!

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    Lauren’s flat is essentially  a health hazard. The grot and scum covering her windows could possibly be growing new life forms. Only the most powerful of cleaning tools could possibly help her restore it to its former glory.

    So thank goodness for the T-Wipe 3 in 1!

    Ideal for all the hard surfaces in your home - and even in your car - the T-Wipe 3 in 1 includes a soft microfibre cloth, soft rubber blade and hard plastic scraper, suitable to deal with dirt of all types.

    With a built in bottle to squirt cleaner, you can do the whole house, car or caravan in no time, leaving your home looking beautiful.

    Soon, Lauren’s flat is going to be looking good enough for a photoshoot for Good Housekeeping, thank goodness for the T-Wipe 3 in 1 - and the fact that she can get refills!  

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