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    Dustpan and Rubber Brush Set


    Jean’s parents' car drew-up outside.  ‘Oh no,’ she thought looking at last night’s party confetti on the side-board whilst noticing the thick cat hair on the rug - ‘I’ve run out of time!’

    Jean’s parents were clean people.  Meticulously clean. They didn’t like dust; they didn’t like cats and they definitely didn’t like parties.  It’s just as well you’ve got a ‘Dustpan and Rubber Brush Set’ then Jean, isn’t it?

    With its soft rubber bristles the brush is perfect for a quick tidy-up of delicate surfaces and the pan's rubber lip helps pick up the pieces.  The brush head is also ideal for getting deep into carpets and picking up pet hair.

    ‘Great!’ said Jean, clicking the brush into the dustpan and hanging it under the stairs. ‘That’s sorted!’  It is Jean and because the head is washable, you can clean that nasty pet hair off later.  But maybe wait until they’ve gone.


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