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    Clean Sweep Spray Mop


    '1,2,3,4,5...' counted Stan, all the way to 10 as he watched the dirty bucket of water spill across his nice clean kitchen floor and told himself, without much success, 'That wasn't annoying in the slightest - in fact I'm looking forward to doing it again.'

    Don't worry Stan, you won't ever have to do that again with our Clean Sweep Spray Mop - the fast, fuss-free way to clean your floors.  Spray Mop features a built-in water tank that holds up to 315ml of cleaning fluid or water and a trigger spray that mists the area in front of the mop head. 

    What's more, the head rotates through 360 degrees, allowing you to reach easily into every corner, and has a removeable micro-fibre cleaning pad that picks up dirt like a magnet and can be cleaned or replaced.  Ideal for a variety of surfaces, especially sealed hardwood and laminate floors because of the fineness of the mist. 

    If only you'd had one earlier Stan. 

    Can be used wet and dry.


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