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    Bendi Mop


    Dave stared at his laminate floor holding the mop and clutching an assortment of dusters, cloths and wipes.  He sighed heavily.  All that scrubbing and bending to reach the tricky bits only to find you hadn’t reached them anyway.  It was tiring.  Not to mention boring.

    Well Dave, we quite agree.  If you have to do a boring job - do it once, do it well and do it efficiently.   Which is why we’ve introduced ‘Bendi Mop’, a bendy mop with a flexible neck that can literally reach places most mops can’t.  The head swivels so you can clean under tables and chairs and it has a telescopic handle meaning you can reach all those really tight, awkward spots.

    What’s more, you can use Bendi Mop for dry dusting with one side of the head and wet mopping with the other on laminates, tiles, parquet and lino.  That’s means, Dave, there’s no need for all those dusters and wipes. 

    ‘Fantastic!’ said Dave, sitting down in front of TV.  ‘I’ll save so much time I can sit down and watch the game first.’ 


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