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    Astounding! A bag Mary Poppins would approve!

    In your bag


    Stretch Pocket Belt


    Mitch loves exploring new places and meeting new people, but he hates having to carry a bag. So every time he takes a trip, something gets lost. He’s dropped his phone off a cliff, lost his keys by a cathedral, and had his wallet stolen by a very cunning sheep.

    It could all be solved so easily if he had a Stretch Pocket Belt.

    Stretchy, secure and super-light, the Stretch Pocket Belt is ideal for keeping all your important stuff at hand, without you needing to carry around a big, bulky bag.

    It’s guaranteed to fit, as the clever pocket simply stretches to your size, and it means you’ve got everything you need right at hand - without your hands always being full!

    Don’t fall prey to thieving farm animals like Mitch, keep your valuables on your person with a Stretch Pocket Belt.

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