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    Card Safe - protects cards from RFID theft

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    Card Safe


    Those nifty radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards are pretty handy, aren’t they Edward? We can now waft our cards around to pay for things, cross borders and even enter secure buildings saving us whole seconds - minutes even.  Clever.

    What’s that Edward?  They contain personal data that can be read from a distance allowing a thief to steal personal information by standing in the same room?  Ok, not so clever. Never fear though Edward, Creative has a gismo for that.  Card Safe is a slim, compact wallet made from durable aluminum that can store up to 6 cards and protect them from RFID theft. 

    They also look pretty slick, especially as they have a little lever to pull, making them pop-up, ready to use.  Just like a sensible James Bond.

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