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    Felicity does not have green fingers. Because she’s away a lot her houseplants are left to suffer. She’s neglected nasturtiums and parched pansies. Even her cactus died of dehydration. But now she’s got the chance to help her plants grow and flourish with the Aqua Save.

    This clever little contraption is a simple screw top that you can attach to an old recycled drink bottle. Just fill the bottle with water, attach the aqua save and push into the soil of your plant pot or hanging basket.

    The water is gradually released into the soil, so even if you’re not around, your plants are getting everything they need. You can even add plant food to the water to help keep your flowers in blooming marvellous condition.

    Finally, something to stop Felicity from killing her plants - no matter how often she’s off on holiday.

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