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    Fascinating! You can extend the life of all your garden tools!

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    Tool Sharp


    The back of Sam’s garden looks suspiciously like the palace in Sleeping Beauty, overgrown with thorns, weeds and possibly harboring a dragon. 

    It doesn’t take much time before Sam’s weapon of choice, his trusty secateurs, are blunt and pretty useless. But there’s no chance he’s giving in - Sam has a secret weapon: Tool Sharp!

    Tool Sharp is a multi purpose tool sharpener that brings your garden tools back to life. From secateurs to shears, Tool Sharp can sharpen any bladed tool, and is suitable for right and left handed use.

    Each Tool Sharp even comes with a tube of anti-rust oil and an applicator sponge to keep your garden tools in great condition for longer.

    It’s not long before Sam can finally see daylight at the bottom of the garden again - oh look! That’s where the barbecue went!

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