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    Super Grip Universal Wrench

    In your bag


    Super Grip


    Richard has a tool box full to the brim of useful tools… that don’t work on anything so when he needs to tighten a torque nut, release a wing nut; fasten a hex or secure an eyelet – he’s completely stumped.  Not to mention in the dog house. 

    What you need Richard, is Super Grip because it’s super - and it grips.  This multi-functional wrench has a universal socket made of 54 retractable steel rods which automatically adjust to grip any shape nut or bolt from 7mm to 19mm.  Ideal for use around the house, in the garden, in the garage and at work, it can also be used manually and with a drill adapter or power screwdriver, giving you a power socket set.

    So, no more dog house for you Richard.  You are the nuts and bolts’ king! 

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