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    Rhino Scissors


    Gary opened his ‘bits’ drawer in the kitchen which was wedged full of gadgets.  He slid his hand in and pulled out the kitchen scissors.  No, that’s not what he wanted.  Garlic crusher.  No, not that either.  Wire strippers?  Nope.  Dress-making scissors?

    Gary sighed.  Why were things always so difficult?  All he wanted was to take the top off his nice cold beer.

    Well Gary, we’ve got the solution to both your ‘bits’ drawer and your nice cold beer.  Rhino scissors do it all.  Yes that’s right – all.  Made of hardened steel with a nice comfy grip these clever little scissors are much, much more than that - they open bottles, crush garlic, cut fabric, strip wire and more. 

    So Gary, you can whip off that bottle top right now and get emptying that drawer.


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