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    Fantastic! A way to remove a screw without removing the wall!

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    Remova Screw


    Oh dear, Rob’s been at the DIY again. How are you going to get all those broken and damaged screws out of the wall before he tries to “help” again? Get your hands on Remova Screw!

    Remova Screw is the easy way to remove damaged or broken screws and bolts without damaging anything around them.

    Just attach to your electric drill, apply a little pressure and use the slowest setting to gently take hold of the screw and draw it out.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a Phillips, slotted, socket or torx head screw, Remova Screw has the right setting to get it out safely.

    So get Remova Screw to remove those broken screws before Rob’s go the chance to cause any more damage.

    Product code: C7041

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