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    When Becky’s tyre burst on her journey back from Milton Keynes, she wasn’t worried. She’s a woman who has no trouble changing a tyre. 

    What she does have trouble with, is changing a tyre in the pitch dark on the B526. Ordinarily she’d use her phone for light, but it’s pretty difficult to hold a torch and change a tyre at the same time.

    What Becky really needs in the boot, is a Flexi Light torch. The Flexi Light is one of the most versatile, powerful torches on the market. It’s small enough to fit in your handbag, but can stretch up to 57cm.

    It’s also got two powerful magnets at the top and bottom, so you can attach it to a metal surface, and its super bright LED light is on a flexible head that can rotate 360 degrees.

    If Becky had a Flexi Light torch to hand, she could have lit up the car, changed her tyre and been back on the road in no time. As it is, it’s probably time to call out the AA.

    Product code: C7053

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