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    Genius! An easy way to seal any join!

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    Easy Seal


    Tom’s tired of calling the plumber out all the time just to re-seal things, but he also remembers the last time he tried to seal the kitchen sink by himself, it took hours to shave sealant out of the dog’s fur.

    Luckily for him, now he doesn’t need a plumber or a professional dog groomer to get perfectly sealed joins in his kitchen and bathroom.

    The Easy Seal kit is a little set of four rubber squeegees in a range of profile shapes and sizes. There’s one that’s perfect for every type of join and surface and it can be used with silicone, acrylic and even epoxy resins for a perfectly sealed finish.

    So put down the masking tape Tom, all you really need is the Easy Seal kit for water tight seals in your kitchen and bathroom.

    Product code: C7042

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